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Interactive Services
  1. Web Design
  2. Multi-Media Cards
  3. Interactive Presentations
  4. e-Commerce
  5. Portals
  6. Intranets
  7. Kiosk Development
  8. Corporate Identity, Branding, Logos
  9. Printed Media Design
  10. eLearning Systems
  11. Hosting
Consulting Services
  1. Marketing
  2. Sales Strategies
  3. Go-to-Market Strategies
  4. Business Process Improvement
  5. Channel Collaboration
  6. Channel Management



"I'm constantly handling the same urgent requests for information from different employees. Sure it makes me feel valued, but its a waste of company resource not to provide this information where they can easily find it themselves." Administration Assistant.


"I see too many of our sales guys wasting time recreating information, presentations and the like when they should be out there interacting with propects." Sales Manager - Tech Company.


"We have all these different software applications in our organization and no easy way to get a snapshot of the performance or operational status of the company as a whole." Operations Manager - Electronics Manufacturer.


"Our costs of handling support requests from customers are too high, given our slim margins. Many of our customers operate in different time zones and need support after hours. We also need a way of giving our engineering team early visibility of the real customer experience so that they can quickly correct problems in the next revision." Product Manager - Tech Company..



Portal Development, Intranet Development

Streamline and secure the flow your company's valuable intellectual assets. By providing your employees with secure, fast access to information crucial to their missions you'll improve their productivity dramatically. Give your business partners and customers easy-to-use self-service tools and reduce costs even further.


Acorn Interactive offers intranet, extranet and portal solutions for small to medium businesses.


Built on a robust, secure, Internet technology and database, these solutions are scalable, easily managed by non-technical administrators and highly affordable.


Get an estimate of what a it would take to deliver your solution here.