Questions About Web Design
My site shows up in some search results, but not for the keywords I want

There are many specialized techniques involved in optimizing a site to place well for specific keywords. Many factors can be contributed to this starting with competition for key phrases you want to be found with. Talk to us about an initial consultation regarding your current standings and your future objectives

Do you work with in house web designers for more advanced work?

Per our tagline, collaboration is oneof core values. Acorn Interactive is always willing to work with your in-house designer(s) to extend the capabilities of what you have, whether it be database driven extensions or new custom software modules.

Do you develop only new websites or do you offer site renovations or upgrades?

The short answer is yes, we provide all three services.  For rennovations and upgrades we will typically perform a site analysis first in order to make informed recommendations on the most appropriate path forward.  Sometimes we'll be asked to make a small addition such as a flash animation or other content changes.  We review these on a cases by case basis.  Call to discuss.

Questions About Software Development
What types of software development do you provide?

Our core software development expertise lies in web-based technologies: PHP software development, ASP.net, Javascript and AJAX.  We also specialize in Adobe Flash Development/Actionscript Development- We develop in both  Adobe Flash Builder, previously know as Adobe Flex  and the traditional Adobe Flash development plaform.  Adobe Flash applications can be deployed within any website and any browser or as a destop application that can be installed on your PC or MAC and may have internet connectivity to remote datbases or web services.

If you're not certain on the bnest approach, our experts will provide a free consultation to determine which development path will best suit your requirements.

Questions About Photography
What types of photography do you provide?

Primarily we specialize in photography that reinforces your brand message.  We cross many generes of photography including Fashion, Sports, Consumer Products, Architectural, Travel, Hospitality and Real Estate.

Questions About SEO
How can I make my site more friendly to search engines?

Search friendly design means, to make a site that is easily read and indexed by all search engines.

Some content is difficult or impossible for search engines to index.

  • Flash based sites
  • Java Scripts
  • PHP or data base driven content unless that content is formatted appropriately.

Other factors can hurt your positioning

  • Many engines can penalise automated site submissions.
  • Backlinks can hurt your ranking if done the wrong way.
  • Poorly structured content
  • Black-hat techniques

There are hundreds of aspects to  review . If your site is not search friendly and you're not getting the traffic you want,  let our optimization experts help rework your site to offer the best chance of top positions. Phone for a free evaluation

Why hire a specialist for my SEO?

SEO is a complex and rapidly-evolving science with countless new changes every month.  Only an SEO specialist realistically can keep up to speed with the shifts and turns and exploit them to your advantage. We can work with your in-house or 3rd party web designers.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  If you are in the early stages of trying to find out what SEO is all about, please read  our section on SEO.  If you want to talk to us, we will provide an initial free 30 minute consultation on the telephone answering any questions.

Questions About Hosting
What security measures do you take?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects about hosting with us is that with very few exceptions, we only host our clients. Shared hosting environments can attract  undersirables whose intent is to try to hack into other sites or set up sites for spamming purposes, impacting your sites security  and in somes cases causing blacklisting of the server where you are located.  This can cause your emails to also be flagged as spam

All our sites are firewalled to prevent one site from accessing the data of another on the same server.  We can also provide secure certificates specifically for your domain should you need encryption for transactions, password entry and protection of other sensitive data.

Why should I host with Acorn Interactive?

Acorn Interactive's dedicated server provides our clients with many advantages over shared hosting environments.

  • We provide fault tolerance on all components on the server, meaning downtime should be a thing of the past.
  • We are not susceptible to to the regular arbitary upgrades of most shared server environments that frequently break sites without warning
  • We can recover your site and databases from the previous days backup within 10 seconds. We've personally experienced recovery processes from shared server environments that took 3 days due to the large number of sites on the servers (More than 2000)
  • We operate our servers  at under 10% or their rated performance capacity, ensuring snappy response times for our clients
  • Nightly backups are automatic and their success is confirmed daily by the data center.
  • Fast personalized customer service - no waiting on hold.
  • A high volume video streaming service is available on request.
Questions about Videography
Why should I Produce a Video for My Company?

There are many ways in which video can improve your bottom line.

Take for example an effective training video.  It can save your company thousands in training costs and  travel expenses.  At the same time a training video will present a more consistent,  more structured and highly visual message.  Indexing can also help participants with direct access to training chapters they may have missed or need reinforcement after hours.  Presentations can be multilingual - useful for multinational companies.  Video can be highly efficient when you need to repeat a presentation many times for many people different time zones. 

A short exciting marketing video can educate and excite your customers with overviews of your company products and services, increasing your sales and inspiring your sales people.   We offer on-location videoing to capture the essence and differentiators of your products or services.  We can feature your products and services on blu-ray DVDs for trade shows and produce streaming video clips for your company website.   

Why should I use Video on my Website

There are many reasons why video should form part of your marketing plan but the main ones are:

  • Its often the most effective media form to quickly convey a concept, product, serice or connect with your audience on an emotional level.
  • When appropriately deployed, videos can help with traffic to your site
  • Videos can postively impact your sales conversion ratios
What size videos can you shoot?

We always shoot video in HDTV 1080P which is the highest definition publically broadcast in the US today.  This can then be downsized if necessary  to smaller sizes, delivery very sharp video for mobile phones, web, persentation and other applications. Footage can be shot in 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second, the latter giving a more cinematic feel and requiring less bandwidth for streaming video.  For even better faster streaming, 30FPS video can also be reduced to 15fps during editing which will provide good results provided there's not a lot of fast motion involved.

1080P vidoes will look sharp on big high definition TV monitors of 40-60" or more, making it ideal for trade shows and sales applications.

Questions About Mobile Apps and Websites
Do I need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website?

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the diversity of display formats, more and more companys are looking at whether mobile websites are a viable alternative to apps, for cost and maintenance reasons.  However, there are many instances where there is a need to exploit technology embedded in the phone or mobile device and this is where mobile apps are a better solution. Talk to one of our mobile experts to find out the best route for your project.

What's it cost to build a mobile App?

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a mobile application.  These include factors such as whether the application needs to comunicate with remote databases, the number of different page views, whether animation is required, whether components must be built or whether existing components can be used etc.  The diversity of apps is extraordinary and prices can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands or more depending on complexity.

Ensure you have a clear set of objectives and functional requirements to facilitate the task of estimating the cost of your project.

Questions about Consulting
What consulting services do you provide?

We provide a depth of consulting talent that spans many years of operational and business dvelopment consulting across industries such as consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, discrete manufacturing, apparel, medical devices, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Our business development consulting services focus on your brand and ways to strengthen its perceived value, recognition and market penetration.

Questions about Kiosks
What Kiosk Hardware do you provide?

Acorn Interactive provides custom kiosk enclosures and is a distributor for the number one selling brand of Touch Screen Overlays, allowing you to retrofit exsting video display units or turn high definition TVs into large touch displays.  Acorn Interactive pioneered the first full high defnition kiosks in the country, providing high-impact, large-screen real estate applications.

What is your Kiosk Development Capabilities?

Acorn Interactive provides  in-house Multimedia Design Services whereby we design and develop attention-grabbing interfaces that entice the user to interact and that quickly communicate the kiosk purpose and  provide user-friendly guidance.

Our development plaform allows a wide range of multimedia content to be delivered - either streamed from the web or from the kiosk's hard drive.

Any level of intelligence and user interaction can be build into the kiosk itself or delivered through applications developed on a remote server.   Kiosks can be standalone or multiple kiosks can provide centralized infomation access or reporting.  You can read more about our Kiosk Development services in our kiosk design section or call to discuss your profject

Qustions about Brand Development
How does Acorn Interactive work with its clients on Brand Development?

Acorn Interactive develops brands by researching and understanding audience perceptions, needs, desires, and motivational factors.  We analyze options for brand positioning, choose direction, defining brand identity and create and implement that identity.  Using capture methods at key touchpoints we monitor and  test the market to ensure the brand’s value proposition remains fresh and relevant to all important stakeholders

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