Is Mobile Advertising Worthwhile?

Small as these devices are, Mobile has the potential to become the juggernaut of the mass media market.

Fri, 10th Aug 2012
By Robert Payne

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It might be hard for some people to imagine that mobile advertising is a lot like other media channels we're already familiar with.  But if you're going to bring your young, upwardly mobile audience with you you'd better not miss this train.

So what is it that makes mobile marketing so different and yet so effective?

Its Pervasive!
For a start the explosive growth of smartphones is hard to ignore. Over a third of the population have smartphones and that number is growing fast. Capabilities that one never dreamed possible a decade ago now play out in the palm of your hand.  You can read the news, play games, watch videos and TV, take photos, listen to your favorite tunes or radio station, surf the internet and oh wait -- make phone calls.

It's Personalized!
As you perform all these activities demographic information is being complied and stored in databases, often using your phone number as a unique identifier. This makes it one of the best mediums for true one-to-one marketing and personalized advertising.

Not only are consumers able to be uniquely identified but they are almost never separated from their mobile devices.

It's Pull-Based!
Traditional push marketing techniques have left a jaded audience. An audience not willing to be targets of traditional advertizing.  People want only want to see things that they're interested in. In response, Opt-in marketing has become the foundation for many mobile marketing campaigns.  

Your Mobile marketing arsenal
There's a plethora of options when it comes to mobile marketing but an effective campaign incorporates just the right combination of several of these channels.

  • Mobile friendly sites: Ever tried to navigate a large and complex site on a tiny screen?  Mobile-friendly sites or Mobis as they are called, reduce content to small, manageable blocks that don't require excessive zooming and scrolling. See our recent article on Mobile Websites.
  • Mobile apps: Small downloadable software applications that number close to 500,000.  As users install each app, they're telling us what interests them so advertising on these apps can be aligned accordingly.
  • Social media: Twitter,Facebook and other social media platforms all have mobile friendly sites or apps. When targeting consumers, these platforms cannot be ignored.
  • Mobile advertising: Small ads on mobile websites, apps and even in your notification area.
  • Mobile commerce: From purchasing something on eBay to  redeeming a Groupon or scanning a QR code to get the best price - mobile commerce takes many forms.
  • QR codes: Blocks of ink that look like a maze gone wrong.  Using a phone’s camera, users can scan the codes to access information, offer, prices, websites and more. Since users initiates the scan, they tend to be more receptive to whatever is communicated.
  • Proximity marketing: using the GPS on your phone, Apps and even mobile websites can tap your location and serve up location-based offers, advertizing and other forms of marketing.
  • MMS: Multimedia messaging service May evolve more in the future but for now has been eclipsed by other channls of communication.
  • Mobile email: While the ability of phones to receive and store emails has been around for a while, its still the number one medium for business and more complex personal communications.
  • SMS: short message service. Even the phone-only diehards are finally succumbing to the advantages of texting for some situations. Marketing via SMS  must be based on opt-in since users feel this highly personal medium is sacrosanct.  The great thing about text message marketing is that 90 percent of text messages are read within a few minutes minutes and almost all are read later.

So where to go from here? Before your competition gets the jump on you, make a start on developing your mobile marketing strategy! 

Engage an expert who can help with the technology aspects and the practicalities of reaching your audience.

Trial some campaigns that work for your target audience and budget. Ensure you have a mobile version of your website or get started on having one designed and developed. Mobile devices aren't going away any time soon!

This article was posted on Fri, 10th Aug 2012
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