Value Added Resellers Module

Boost your revenues through closer relationships with your resellers and network partners.

Wed, 13th Oct 2010
By Casa Herrera

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Let's say for example you specialize in high end wall coatings and cabinet finishing.  Probably most of your business comes from contractors make the cabinets or do construction or architecture.  Some refer you directly to the home owner but others prefer to subcontract the work, keeping you at arms length. How can you make it easier for these contractors to recommend you over other competitors?  Here's how:

The value added reseller module operates on three levels

  • You - the service or product provider
  • The contractor who might recommend your services or products
  • The end user of your finished product or service

The software enables you to easily build a catalog that showcases your work or products in a way that the end user can easily browse and save their favorites. 

You can set up multiple contractors in the system.  This will dynamically create a personalized website for each contractor that showcases all your products.  The contractor can now share this website with his client without even revealing your name.

The client can then browse all your products, services or samples of your work and flag any of them as his/her favorites.  Once logged in the contractor can see each of his clients and drill down to his or her favorites.  These in turn can be shared with you, allowing you to begin a dialogue on samples, pricing or delivery with the client or the contractor depending on the contractors preference.

As the service or product provider, you can log in and see all your contractors and each of their clients to whom your services have been recommended. You can even drill down to each clients preferences or favorites.

Some of the industries where this module can be valuable include:

  • Tiling
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Cabinet Finishing
  • Interior Design
  • Picture Framers
  • Lighting
  • Custom Products - e.g. sporting goods
  • Plumbing Fittings


This article was posted on Wed, 13th Oct 2010
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