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Why Hire a Professional Product Photographer?

Visit the website of some high-end brands you're familiar with and you'll see how professional product photography can make the products stand out, come to life or look expensive.

Professional product photography is necessary for a brand to reach it's full potential and to position it correctly in its niche market. Before you consider using an amateur, think long term about how you want your product or brand to be perceived by your target audience; people's reponses to a product are largely driven visually through imagery and the fact that it can excite or evoke other emotions. A professional product photograph must be focused on speaking to your product's target market. Hiring a qualified professional photographer is a necessary stage in successfully growing your brand or product.

  • Cost
  • Clients
  • Studio
  • Models

Why is Professional Photography more Expensive?

First off you're paying for years of experience and expertise. But you're also paying for photographs taken with equipment and lighting that usually costs more than your average new car. Equipment that in the right hands can produce exceptional shots. Although there's a perception that digital product photography should be cheaper, research showns that its cost has actually increased over the last 20 years due to the additional ancilliary items that have become standard in the profession and the ongoing costs of computer software and hardware used today for editing.

Call us for an estimate on your project.

Client-Centric, Creative Concepts

While we are passionate about photography we're also very focused on understanding what your objectives are and how you want to convey your brand, product or project. We work hard for our clients and your satisfaction is our main concern.

We will collaborate with you to produce artistic commercial photography that will resonate with your target audience and communicate your brand message.

We are creative professionals and devote our full energy and creativity to every project. We always strive to come up with fresh ideas and extraordinary concepts. Call us to discuss your project and find out how you can stand out from the crowd. We also make it fun!

Will We Need to Use a Studio

Use of a studio will depend on the size of the product, the context in which you need the imagery represented, whether models are to be used and the level of control required over the lighting of the subject. We will work with you to discuss whether shooting on location is more appropriate than a studio shoot or whether some combination of the two will deliver the right results.

Why use Models with Product Photography?

Using models with product photography is one of our specialties. On-model photography is of course critical to producing the right imagery for fashion and clothing accessories but there are many other instances where the use of a model will position a brand correctly. Call us to find out more about what we can do for your campaign with on-model photography.

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