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Recents studies show 85% of all Internet visits begin with a web search. But 90% of buyers don't look past the first 2 or 3 pages of search results! In other words, if you aren't listed in the first 2 to 3 pages, then you might as well not be there at all.

With most of our projects, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is included as an integral part of our initial planning and production process.

Unlike forced advertising, people increasingly want more control over the content they see.  Rather than trying to push people to see your products or services through ad campaigns, well-targeted Organic and paid SEO campaigns can deliver interested prospects right to your virtual door.

And unlike most ad campaigns that have a very limited shelf-life, a strong SEO strategy can drive business for years, making it by far one of the best marketing returns on investment your company can make. Acorn Interactive has helped many of its clients reduce advertising expenditure through effective SEO campaigns and we welcome the opportunity to achieve similar results for your company.


Social Media Marketing

Social media has given companies the opportunity to connect with their clients in a way that's not been possible until now. Whether you're building a community to create buzz around your brand, provide support to customers or understand how end-users feel about your product or service, social media provides a vast marketing opportunity that we can help you exploit.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly evolving and we have the expertise to assist you to integrate a social media campaign into your SEO strategy to present your brand in the best light and to manage its reputation.

Social media sites are today a key element of any successful SEO campaign and should not be ignored.

For startups, social media strategies can also help you gain traction earlier. Talk to us about how we can customize a Social media campaign around your brand.

Keyword Analysis - Drilling for Gold!

Using several analytical tools we sift through the last billion searches to determine the most relevant key phrases that are being used to find your products or services. After identifying and ranking your best search terms we'll move on to a competitive analysis to determine the work required to achieve the results you are looking for. At this stage we'll also determine the lowest hanging fruit. In orther words those we'll identify target phrases that will offer the fastest return on investment. New landing pages may featurre in this strategy along with other tools and techniques.

Call us to find out how we can convert more of your visitors to valuable customers.

Building Back Links

As part of any SEO plan we incorporate a back-link strategy. Many a site has been downgraded sharply by Google as a result of poorly conceived, black-hat techniques for building back-links. We use only legitimate techniques when link building and can help you to increase the number of seo-valuable links to improve your search ranking.

Blog Search Engine Optimization

Blogs are a highly effective way of providing deeper levels of content that search engines love. Blogs are also an great vehicle for providing news, tips and commentary to buyers and customers. We can help you implement, brand and integrate your blog and produce quality content on a regular basis that will attract more visitors and links to your site.

Call us for a free initial review of your current site's effectiveness.

Web Analytics/Statistics

While part of optimization is focused on pgetting your site ranked well for your most important key phrases, on the flip site is understanding how vistors are entering your site, where they go and what causes them to exit. If your site has calls to action you want buyers to take such filling a form, buying a product or some executing some other action that is a measure of success then metrics become especially important to determine the conversion ratios. As part of any SEO project we recommend implementing a set of analytics that will help fine-tune pages and content to increase the converstion ratios. We'll determine which set of analytics best fit your on-line business model.

Contact Acorn Interactive today to for a review of your site's current condition.

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