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Cordius Group Product Launch

Cordius Group needed a high impact site to communicate a new suite of marketing automation services to new prospects including campaign coordination, on-demand collateral, on-time mailing, artwork and ad creation, asset & image management, brand enforcement, print inventory management, and program fulfillment.


Using the client's theme idea, Acorn Interactive authored a streaming video and flash-based presentation to lead clients to register for a business assessment. We also provide tracking of prospect interaction with the site, passing this information to sales reps in real time. Mobile devices were also considered an important means of viewing the site and mobile phone-compatible presentation and video versions were developed and are served to the site visitor upon mobile device detection.






Dining Joint Profile

San Diego Entrepreneur needed help in evolving and executing a new concept in restaurant and bar directories.


Acorn Interactive provided consulting services in helping Dining Joint expand its initial set of ideas into a rounded suite of services that would have strong appeal to the public and encourage advertizing sales to the owners of restaurants, bars and eateries across San Diego County. Members can browse the largest, most accurate database of joints available, send invitations, read fortune cookies, view street camera views and maps, check distances, find joint features such as live music, dancing or internet access.

This highly interactive site emcompasses extensive geo-mapping, advanced database search capabilities, extensive backend membership capabilities that enables joint owners to post menus, classified advertisements, dynamically created coupons, specials, photos, joint profiles and more..



Florida Real Estate

Exclusive Florida real estate development - West Bay Club needed to kick start it's sales program for two new towers during the early stages of construction.


Acorn Interactive provided both a web site and real estate touch screen kiosks to be used in the sales office by sales people while talking to prospective buyers. Both the site and kiosk needed to provide buyers with high quality views of floor plans and amenities while also providing realistic walk-throughs of each condominium plan. To achieve this, computer-generated, virtual reality tours of each condo type were produced and converted to video. These high quality videos were then configured to stream from the site and within the kiosk to provide a realistic tours of the residences. The site also captures visitor information into a database for sales people to follow through.

Orchid Bay

California Cruisin

California Cruisin's casts off earlier site and launches new design in order to better-showcase its burgeoning, luxury fleet and to accomplish more diverse and optimized positioning within in Google.


Acorn Interactive implemented a complete overhaul of the San Diego site, changing the previously static content to dynamic, database-driven content that could be more easily be updated as new charter yachts are added to the fleet and the business model changes.

Navigation was also rengineered so that with one click, the user could change from one yacht to another and view all its images and specifications, something that previously required 10-40 clicks.

Within two months of launch company's new site ranked number one on Google for the most coveted search phrase 'Yacht Charters in San Diego'.

Visit California Cruisin's San Diego Yacht Charters


ddsSolutions aim to be the premiere on-line resource for cosmetic dentistry professionals.

Offering Internet-based training courses and Seminars and Workshops held at client sites and at other venues around the Country.

Originally the company had hired a web designer who developed an entire site using Flash. Unhappy that the site was invisible to search engines and the more complex components remained undelivered, the company turned to Acorn Interactive to develop a dynamic site that would include client personalization and an on-line training calendar and scheduling system.


Acorn Interactive integrated its Event Management System that is easily populated and updated by the client and enable courses, a class calendar, training locations and directions to be easily accessible to its client base. Following a registration process client companies can quickly enter any number of staff from their businesses and register multiple attendees in a single step for any of the courses offered in the calendar. Clients can then pay for registration on-line using a secure credit card processing step and receive a receipt.

Further plans are underway to incorporate an on-line directory of dental resources and Acorn Interactive's search engine optimization toolset.

Visit ddsSolutions Web Site

Rosarito Beach Hotel

The most established and well known hotel in Baja, The Rosarito Beach Hotel has worked hard to develop a reputation for friendly efficient service, comfortable accommodation and excellent food. Targeting several different demographics, Rosarito Beach Hotel needed to communicate its offerings and unique characteristics to an audience in two languages. The hotel also wanted to improve its occupancy during off-peak periods through better managed promotions and a wider range of services.


Acorn Interactive developed a database-driven, multi-lingual content management system, incorporating hotel- specific features such as a promotions management system, a room showcase system, event calendar, news manager, spa reservations system, virtual tours, eCards and integrated on-line room reservations.

Rosarito Beach Hotel Web Site


Health Stewards

Following the Success of Doctor Nick's Book, television appearances and seminars, Health Stewards needed a way to support its growing member base and provide them with the tools to interact with other members and create a sense of community and caring support.


Acorn Interactive developed a database-driven, multi- custom content management system, incorporating user profiling, photoshows, weight-charting, member blog, encouragement posts, a mentoring system, historical progress tracking, a "friends" capability, recipe catalog, donation pledging tools and more. The results speak for themselves as more and more members continue achieve dramatic weight loss results through the support of the site.

Visit Health Stewards web site

Seabreeze Nautical Books & Charts

Seabreeze Nautical Books & Charts is San Diego's best-known and most comprehensive resource for sailors requiring navigational charts and books for cruising, education or commercial shipping.

Recognizing that many of their clients spent a great deal of time off-shore, the retailer looked to Acorn Interactive to provide new ways to serve clients abroad and increase repeat business, while also exposing their inventory to a much wider potential customer base.


Acorn Interactive designed and implemented an on-line catalogue and shopping cart that would align with and reach this market. Incorporating secure credit card processing and international shipping calculations, the store has significantly increased the volume of orders sold into new markets. Using Acorn Interactive's proprietary Search Engine Optimization toolset, the company also improved its positioning with Google and other search engines. The company plans to expand further by offering an low-overhead version of the site to offshore customers with very slow internet connections.

Seabreeze Nautical Books - Web Site

Lawrence Equipment

An established Los Angeles manufacturer, Lawrence equipment has grown into the world's largest provider of highspeed flatbread manufacturing equipment. The company's web site did not reflect the company's advancements in technology, globalization, nor meet its needs for showcasing an everchanging product line.


Acorn Interactive developed a database-driven, multi-lingual content management system, on-line catalog, revolving images tool, dynamic futures feeds, an easily updateable 'tip of the day' and FAQ system, a constantly changing 'featured product' on the home page, a guided selling tool and lead generation system, video streaming, and encrypted emails to thwarte spam crawlers. All this in 4 languages - translations to be added.


BPI Autoforms

A long-standing supplier to the auto industry, BPI provides a large range of preprinted forms and promotional products to auto dealerships across the US. With its sales force spread thin across so many states, the company needed a cost-effective to extend its reach through the web and provide a way for prospective and existing clients to peruse and order product regardless of time zone variances.


Acorn Interactive extracted the current profuct data from the company's existing inventory systems and designed and implemented an on-line ecommerce system, focusing on search engine optimization and the protection of the companies digital assets through automated watermarking. Real time UPS shipping quotes were also added to ensure accurate shipping calculations based on weight. The system was set up so that an ever increasing product range can be easily be managed by internal staff.

Visit web site

The Souljahz

Siblings Joshua, Jekob, and Rachael Washington collectively known as Souljahz (sole-juz), have a dedication to their mission rarely seen among their peers. Inspired by the genius of fellow performers like Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, and Tonéx early on, the Washingtons chose music as their life's passion, quickly built a solid following and were soon wowing crowds both stateside and abroad with their thoughtprovoking lyrics, energetic melodies, and undeniable stage presence.


Acorn Interactive provided a dynamic site to enable the band to communicate more effectively with their fans via news, video, music, forum, branded products available from the on-line store.


Eclipse Marketing

Eclipse Marketing approached Acorn Interactive for assistance in raising funds for Tiger Creek. Recently featured on Animal Planet, Tiger Creek is a non-profit sanctuary, dedicated to giving lifetime care to unwanted or abused members of the great cat family including tigers, leopards, and lions.


Acorn Interactive provided some initial demographic research of the target audience and focused on providing a site that would align with donors and provide insight into Eclipse's charter while raising their credibility.

Nautilus Marine

As one of the largest yacht brokerages in New Zealand, Nautilus Marine was rapidly outgrowing its home-grown web site. Unable to easily add and change listings and manage its brokers, Nautilus turned to Acorn Interactive to assist with its on-line, web-based brokerage system.


Acorn Interactive implemented its Yacht Brokerage System, enabling secure back-end systems for brokers to list yachts and manage the complete sales cycle. A complete redesign of the site was undertaken at the same time. Online tools for image handling, mailing list management, and referrals were also developed.


Accutech Engineering

Representing a diverse range of engineering services Accutech Engineering wanted to better communicate its depth and breadth of experience in order to increase credibility and improves its hit rate on larger, more lucrative contracts. It also wanted more effective ways to collaborate more effectively with clients in order to reduce administrative costs.



Acorn Interactive designed a new corporate identity for the company, overhauled all stationery and developed a new site to meet the objectives of the company. The site is also lowering administrative costs by reducing demand on internal staff for information.

Reeling in Consumers with Information & Recipes

Farmed-raised salmon has been getting a lot of negative press lately. Often founded on poorly supported information this press has been detrimental to C Wirthy's retail channel.



C. Wirthy's site now provides consumers with an extensive health and nutrition information resource, while deflecting the negative press arguments. A database-driven recipe section and FAQ is further boosting consumer interest in salmon as a dietary staple. As an added benefit, consumer support costs are reduced as the site handles the many questions that used to flood in day by day.

Luxury Lifestyles Made Affordable

Most recreational assets lie idle for more than 85% of their useful lives. Breeze Easy is changing all that with a suite of services that clients access and use in a secure area of their web site.



Prospective clients can now learn about Breeze Easy's program on-line and then register to take a tour behind the scenes.

Members can access the private extranet portion of the site for scheduling the use of their shared assets, monitor expense tracking and scheduled maintenance, view usage of allocated time, view legal documentation and more..

Acorn Interactive also created a new corporate identity for the company & designed business cards and stationery.

Fraud Assistance Prevention Case Study

My ID Fix first came to Acorn Interactive because its site had failed to generate sales even though on the surface the site seemed professional.


Acorn Interactive first performed an in depth analysis of the old site, the identity theft market and competition and consumer psychographics. We also provided an analysis of what ID theft victims and consumers were searching for when looking for assistance. The site was then completely redesigned and content developed that aligned with the needs of ID theft victims and potential victims. By introducing a strong educational and ID Theft prevention focus and by repositioning products to clarify the differences and value of each, My ID Fix is now pulling in the sales. The site was optimized for search engine positioning and is steadily increasing traffic as we continue to build popularity.and fine tune key pages to make them easily found by people looking for ID theft Assistance.

WYRF Boosts Membership with Portal

Women's' Yacht Racing Fleet membership had fallen steadily over the last three years to below 50% of peak. Needing to get more people interested and also to create a greater senses of community and participation, WYRF commissioned Acorn Interactive to develop a new site that would be easier to maintain by non-technical members and more effective in achieving its goals.


Acorn Interactive delivered a database driven portal incorporating an events calendar, news section, polling booth, event photo gallery, an on-line Forum, a store and shopping cart for club apparel, a knowledge base for racing rules and tips, a download section for membership and event entry forms, a referral feature, FAQ and a global search tool. Traffic is steadily increasing thanks to search engine optimization. Now membership and event participation are once again on the rise.

Environmental Consulting Case Study

JNE Associates provide a wide range of environmental consulting services San Diego and greater California. WIth the business maturing the CEO felt the company needed a facelift and a way of generating more prospective client inquiries.


Acorn Interactive reworked the corporate identity to better illustrate JNE's connection with environmental assessment and measurement with an emphasis on wetlands and the coastal environment.


A complete redesign of the web site followed with emphasis on search engine placement.


This put JNE in the number one position on search engines like Google (the leading search engine) for the 9 critical search phrases that were pre-determined to drive the maximum volume of qualified prospective clients to JNE's site. Acorn Interactive also expanded JNE's footprint, capturing business not just from San Diego but from greater California.

Hospitality Case Study

The Hotel Calafia is one of Baja's most famous and established hotels with incredible views. But traditional marketing techniques were failing to serve up the customers.


Brief and Background:

Under considerable competitive pressure, Calafia needed to claw back market share by raising its profile within the Californian market. Because of its remoteness and unreliable cross-border phone systems, it was recognized that the Internet could play a crucial role in driving more business.



Acorn Interactive began with an extensive digital photographic assignment, designed to showcase the charm of the hotel and bring out its best features. A complete redesign of the web site was undertaken (As one executive said of the old site "it looks like it was designed by an enemy").


With weddings a major revenue stream, Acorn Interactive provided panoramic, virtual tours of the wedding venues, coupled with on-line wedding planner geared to capture those planning to tie the knot in Baja or Southern California. Calaifa received 150 on-line requests for wedding quotes in the first two weeks of activation. An on-line room reservation system was also added, increasing room occupancy levels immediately.


Thanks to careful search engine placement and optimization, Calafia now enjoys a much larger stream of new business inquiries off its web site. The combination of increased web traffic and a much higher conversion rate of browsers-to-guests has increased business exponentially.

Real Estate Case Study

Club Marena is a luxury, Ocean-front property development located in Baja, just 30 mins from San Diego.

Club Marena increased the volume of inquires and level of interest from its target market across the border in the US.

Brief and Background:

Club Marena's original site did little to show off their property and the luxurious ocean-front condominiums the company was constructing in Baja. The company also needed to overcome prejudices and concerns about buying property in Mexico and to educate consumers on the value in comparison to equivalent San Diego properties.



Acorn Interactive provides a combination of digital photography and panoramic software expertise to deliver breath-taking virtual tours that really show off the property and units to the best advantage. We also provided a database-driven real estate management solution to enable Club Marena employees to enter details of properties up for resale via a secure administrative part of the site. Property value comparisons were added and sections to illustrate the lifestyle.


To capture a much higher volume of potential buyers, the site was also optimized for major web search engines, driving more prospective buyers to Club marena and ultimately sales.

Travel Agency Web Site Development Case Study

Chayet Travel Network increases sales and customer service through improved customer choice, convenience and one-stop travel shopping. The San Diego-based company has been delivering high-end travel services for over 18 years to American and Mexican clients.


San Diego travel web site

Brief & Background:

With the travel industry in general under tremendous competitive pressure, Chayet saw the need to focus its efforts on high-end travel, expand its client base in Southern California, and offer on-line services to its discerning clientele. While providing offerings from tour, cruise and vacation providers, Chayet also needed to be able to present custom travel offerings on-line.



Acorn Interactive first developed a new corporate identity for CTN and then continued to develop a web site technology platform on which all travel offerings could be delivered. This included the ability to pull and format hundreds of pages of dynamic content from a over 200 different travel sources so that Chayet would not have to maintain standard travel offerings. Travelers can search by travel genre, by destination or by provider.


To recognize their Mexican clientele Acorn Interactive also added a multilingual feature.


To allow Chayet Travel top present custom travel offerings, Acorn Interactive developed a database-driven travel catalog.. Through a secure administrative area, Chayet travel staff can easily enter new travel packages and have them immediately appear on the site. These travel offerings can be hidden, displayed or featured with simple checkbox actions.


Acorn Interactive also added useful tools for travelers- a currency converter updated daily via web-link, travelers check list, scrollable, calendar and global weather information. Links to services such as travel advisory notices, country guides, restaurant info, time differences and travel books are included.

Engineering Web Site Development Case Study

Triton Engineering targets more profitable contracts with on-line showcase of projects. San Diego-based Triton Engineering is a marine and coastal engineering San Diego-based firm.


Brief & Background:

Triton recognized that raising their profile and awareness of work completed would enable them to land a higher percentage of the larger, more profitable contracts.


Key was a project showcase to allow prospective clients to get an overview of the breath of projects undertaken by Triton and to drill down to those exhibiting similarities to the services required.


Recognizing that sites need constant updating to reflect changes in style and content, Triton requested that Acorn Interactive develop back end tools that would enable non-technical staff to add new projects and update the home page with current news items.


Triton also lacked a Corporate Identity or Logo.



Acorn Interactive developed a corporate Identity that reflected Triton's involvement with structures in and around the coast. A web-site framework was then developed that would encapsulate a database-driven catalog to provide a showcase for current and past projects.


Acorn Interactive also provided a secure, back-end administrative console for Triton staff to effortlessly add, delete and edit project profiles.

Hospitality Industry Case Study

Kinnaird steps up business by increasing awareness, and saving administration time. Kinnaird is a business conference and private catering facility in Auckland, New Zealand.


Brief & Background:

Kinnaird's new owners needed a web site that show-cased their property as a venue for high-end business conferences, weddings, private parties, catering, wine tasting events, and a Cordon-bleu cooking school.


They also wanted to generate awareness within the business community of Kinnairds suitability for business functions and provide a way for those companies to book functions on-line and select the catering and service options required.



Acorn Interactive provided the photographic and digital imaging services necessary to capture those images of the facilities that would enable prospective clients to evaluate suitability of the venue for a specific function.


Acorn Interactive then developed and optimized the textural content to enable prospective clients to find them on major search engines.


Printed brochures and digital brochures were also developed to support mail marketing efforts. Acorn Interactive provided Kinnaird with email marketing tools to enable them to generate personalized email marketing campaigns to their target market, driving additional business through the web site.


Aquatic Landscaping Firm Case Study

California Aquatics is a licensed and bonded construction firm based in San Diego. CA builds and maintains high-end pools, fountains, ponds, and aquariums for individuals’ homes, universities, towns, commercial office space, and restaurants.


Brief and Background:

California Aquatics’ former web site did not effectively showcase their work, contained many broken links, missing images and pages. The company wanted a better way of showcasing projects, profiling their expertise and skills and enabling prospective clients to check their licensing status and view rate schedules. It also wanted to generate more local business to reduce travel time and costs



Acorn Interactive developed a thematic site that provided the look that California Aquatics felt would appeal to its corporate and high-income private-sector clients. It also provided a database-driven project showcase that enabled administration staff to easily enter new project descriptions and images without the need for technical or web development skills.


By careful search engine placement and optimization, California Aquatics now enjoys a significant stream of new business inquiries off its web site. In fact more business opportunity than the company has resources for, enabling the it to select the more profitable local projects.