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If Video production isn’t included in your marketing strategy you may be leaving some incredibly valuable brand reinforcement opportunities on the table. Don’t open the door to other more aggressive competitors to step in, claim your turf and entertain your audience with more engaging video content.

Video Production is a fast-paced, attention grabbing medium that can create positive impressions about your product, service or brand like no other. It’s popularity has grown exponentionally, catalysed by technologies that can stream video to websites, mobile devices and kiosks. Acorn Interactive offers cost-effective video production, delivering the highest quality definitions available on digital TV today. The scope for video is limitless and audience demand insatiable.

  • DVD
  • WEB

Video as a Marketing Tool

  • Product and Service Demonstrations
  • Brand Experience Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Conceptual Videos
  • Event Coverage
  • Client Testimonials
  • Executive Interviews
  • YouTube Promotions
  • Videos for Search Engine Optimization
  • Location Overviews
  • Tourism Videos
  • Viral Marketing Videos

In many instances the types of videos we produce are usually a catalyst to a sale. If the viewer is already interested, the video's purpose is to encourage the consumer over the final hurdle of consideration and into a purchase.

Post Production Editing

This is where we cut and assemble raw footage into a logical, well-sequenced production that follows the script and has the most impact for the viewer. We add titles, music, professional voice-over narration and special effects. Our editing suite gives your production access to a vast array of eye-catching special visual and sound effects. We also specialize in combining video with Macromedia Flash and 3D where more advanced effects or animation is required.

DVD Authoring

In addition to post-production editing, we also offer DVD authoring up to blu-ray quality. Whether you need a short video master, or complex animated menus and scene selections for your longer masterpiece, we can deliver a professional result. We can customize your release, by adding professional features like closed captioning, motion menus and more.

With presentation or Business card CDs we can connect your video production with the web so that your audience can execute a call to action such as completing a form on-line at the end of the presentation.

Green Screening

For commentary-style video productions we can use a Chroma-Key backdrop which enables us to separate the subject from the background and then superimpose this person over any background you choose.

Web Encoding

Getting high definition video to stream smoothly on the web at low bandwidths is in our opinion something of a dark art. Don't settle for poor quality, fuzzy video when you can make a big impression with larger sharp, smooth videos on your site.

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