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Interactive Services
  1. Web Design
  2. Multi-Media Cards
  3. Interactive Presentations
  4. e-Commerce
  5. Portals
  6. Intranets
  7. Kiosk Development
  8. Corporate Identity, Branding, Logos
  9. Printed Media Design
  10. eLearning Systems
  11. Hosting
Consulting Services
  1. Marketing
  2. Sales Strategies
  3. Go-to-Market Strategies
  4. Business Process Improvement
  5. Channel Collaboration
  6. Channel Management



TouchScreen Kiosks, Workstations and Information Stations

Why touch?

Touchscreens are the most intuitive user interface and have a long track record of proven reliability.

Touch-enabled software creates flexible applications with greater functionality.

Touchscreens can be used to save space by eliminating the need for a mouse or keyboard input.


There are essentially two general categories that kiosks are considered for:
  • Information based kiosks
  • Transaction based kiosks

Interactive kiosks give your clients 24 hour access to information regarding your products and services and the ability to carry out your transactions such as purchasing tickets at any time of the day.

They are ideal for many applications in different areas of industry.


Information Kiosks
  • Captivating displays at trade shows
  • Tourism industry
  • Museums, galleries, exhibitions
  • Health services: hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres
  • Government services
  • Community services and training
  • Universities: libraries, lecture theatres
  • Corporate foyers
  • Supermarkets
  • Directory assistance
  • Human resource management
  • Corporate intranet
  • Point of information
  • Sporting venues
  • Hotels
  • Retail outlets: photographic and music stores, real estate agents
  • Internet and intranet
  • Smart phones
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Process control systems

Transaction Kiosks
  • Movie theatres: ticket transactions and session times
  • Sporting events: ticket collection
  • Banking: transactions, information and loan applications
  • Transport industry: ticket transactions
  • Insurance
  • On-line catalogues
  • Government services: rate payments, parking permits, vehicle registration
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Airport information: hotel bookings, car hire
  • Gaming applications
  • Vending machines
  • Financial trading terminals
  • Lottery kiosks